Stop Installing Ionization Smoke Alarms

The WFSF's American Red Cross Smoke Alarm Campaign


Stage 1: Queensland Australia  |  May - Dec 2015

The ionization type of smoke alarm in most Queensland homes are proven by Australian government (CSIRO) scientific tests data to have life-threatening defects.


The Queensland Fire Service says they "should be replaced" with photoelectric smoke alarms.


However, despite the fire services' position, manufacturers continue to keep selling ionization alarms and most new home builders continue installing them.


  2010 - 2011   "It's about Banning the Ionization Technology..."

For decades we've all been told how safe smoke alarms are, how many lives have been saved, and that every home must have them.

However, Australian Government (CSIRO) test data and a leaked U.S. Government (CPSC) report, have now revealed that the ionization type of smoke alarm in most Australian and U.S. homes have dangerous, life-threatening defects.

Renowned U.S. Fire Chief Warns Ionization
Smoke Alarms Should be Banned and Recalled

Today Tonight, Channel 7, Sydney Australia  |  08 May 2011

(See Channel 9 Brisbane's News video below)

The World Fire Safety Foundation

Chief Marc McGinn (2nd from right) with Albany Fire Department staff with new sign-written fire engine and T shirts

Albany fire department staff after the WFSF helped them become the first

U.S. city to introduce photoelectric-only, smoke alarm legislation  |  August 2010

Ionization Smoke Alarms have
"Failed* Australian Standards since 1993"

Australian Government (CSIRO) scientific test data proves ionization smoke alarms have life-threatening defects, even if they are hard-wired and despite consumers being lulled into a false sense of security due to incessant (false) alarming. Watch this two minutes video:



"The Fire services have known the ionization alarms have failed* Australian Standards since 1993. The code was improved but

never adopted allowing manufacturers to keep selling them."

*Unable to pass Australian Government (CSIRO) scientific tests for visible smoke.

Channel 9 News, Brisbane, Australia  |  08 May 2011





In October 2014, 60 Minutes showed ionization smoke alarms failing
in tests conducted by the Australian Fire Service. Please watch this film.

'The Alarming Truth', 60 Minutes shocking story about the ionization type of smoke alarm in hundreds of millions of homes around the world.

  2006 - 2015

Australian & New Zealand Fire Brigades

Official Positions on Smoke Alarms

Australian & New Zealand Fire Brigades

Official Positions on Smoke Alarms

Australasian Fire & Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC)

AFAC is the peak representative body for all Australian and New Zealand fire brigades. On 01 June 2006 AFAC released their official 'Position on Smoke Alarms in Residential Accommodation'. AFAC's position states:

“That all residential accommodation be fitted with photoelectric smoke alarms . . . Ionization smoke alarms may not operate in time to alert occupants early enough to escape from smoldering fires.”

“For both flaming fires and smoldering fires, photoelectric smoke alarms are likely to alert occupants in time to escape safely.”

Fire & Rescue New South Wales (FRNSW)

AFAC President & Commissioner FRNSW, Greg Mullins AFSM

Greg Mullins is the former President of AFAC and the former Commissioner of FRNSW which is one of the world's largest metropolitan fire brigades.

FRNSW does not support the fitting and  installation of ionization alarms, they only recommend photoelectric alarms.

Greg Mullins AFSM

retired Jan 2017

Northern Territory Fire & Rescue Service (NTFRS)

Queensland Fire & Emergency Services (QFES)

- Founded in 1860

- Protects an area over 2.5 times the size of Texas

- Over 40,000 personnel (full time, auxiliary & volunteers)

- Highly recommend photoelectric smoke alarms

- States ionization smoke alarms "should be replaced"

Queensland Fire & Emergency Services brochure, 'Wake up to Photoelectric Smoke Alarms'

Published March 2013

Extract: 'Wake up to Photoelectric Smoke Alarms'

Published October 2011

World Fire Safety Foundation logo

The World Fire Safety Foundation is a Queensland-based not-for-profit founded in March 2000. The Foundation does not sell anything, solicit or accept donations.  Our May 2015 Queensland survey revealed:

- Most existing homes still have ionization alarms


- Ionization alarms are still being installed in most new homes


- Most people do not know ionization alarms have life-threatening defects


"The world is a dangerous

  place to live; not because

  of the people who are evil,

  but because of the people

  who do nothing about it."

Albert Einstein

"Ignorance, allied with..
power, is the most.. ferocious enemy..
 justice can have."

James A Baldwin

"The only thing..

necessary for the.. triumph of evil is that..

good men do nothing."

Edmund Burke