Stage 3: Alabama U.S.A.  |  August - Dec 2015

American Red Cross Smoke Alarm Campaign Putting Alabamians at Risk

The untold, ongoing story behind Alabama's residential fire death epidemic.


Follow the five steps below and see how Alabamians have been used by smoke alarm manufacturers to hand out their defective ionization smoke alarms under the guise/credibility of the Red Cross. Find out how the Red Cross are victims of and unwitting accomplices to the forty year ionization smoke alarm fraud.

1). 06 June 2014

Alabama Fire College Makes Powerful Statement on AL Fire Deaths

Posted: Jun 06, 2014 12:56 AM AEST

Updated: Jun 13, 2014 12:56 AM AEST

By Kelvin Reynolds

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Dozens of shoes outside the Alabama Fire College
show the horror that has unfolded in Alabama since January. Sixty-one pairs of
shoes represent sixty-one people killed in house fires this year.


State Fire Marshal Ed Paulk told a crowd gathered outside the college, "Today, we have 61 fire fatalities in the state of Alabama this year. Of the 61, I know that 54 of those were preventable."


The Alabama Fire Chief's Association kicked off the "Turn Your Attention to Fire Prevention" Campaign Wednesday in Tuscaloosa. AJ Martin, Chief of Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue says the time has come to do something about the high number of fire deaths. According to Martin, "Alabama is proud to be number one in a lot of things. We're not proud to be number one in that."


Paulk tells Fox6 News, the state averages more than seventy-five fatal deaths a year with a high of one hundred and twenty-two. The Association calls sixty-one fire deaths in the first half of 2014 unacceptable. They pledge to make fire prevention a year round effort.


"Specifically, one week in October has been fire prevention week or month. We focused a lot or our attention there. It's time for us to focus year-round on this common theme," Said Joey Darby, the President of the Alabama Fire Chief's Association.


9-year-old Callister Atchely, of Keener in Etowah County, is the most recent person killed in a house fire in Alabama. Though the cause of the Monday night fire that killed him and injured three others is unknown, experts say the vast majority of fatal fires this year are result of cooking, carelessness with candles and other open flames are trying heat homes in cold weather.


Overall, experts say folks should be more aware of fire safety and have a plan of action if there is a fire in their home. Paulk started the discussion by saying, "We are responsible for ourselves. We need to make proper decisions. We need to save lives."


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The 61 pairs of shoes represent 2014's fire-related deaths. (Source: Kelvin Reynolds)

2). 14 June 2014 - 9:30am

Smoke Alarm Experts with Alabama State Fire Marshal
Discussing Alabama's 2014 Fire Death 'Epidemic'

Dean Dennis (left); Alabama State Fire Marshal Ed Paulk (2nd from left) with WFSF Chairman Adrian Butler (2nd from right) and David Isaac, Standards Australia Committee Member (far right)

3). 14 June 2014 - 6:30pm

14 June 2014 |  23 Minutes

Alabama Law Suit - Kidde

A law suit against one of the world's largest ionization smoke alarm manufacturers was set to go to trial in Montgomery, Alabama in April 2014. Three children had died in a home fitted with working Kidde ionization smoke alarms.


Kidde (UTC) Confidentiality Order

U.S. and Australian experts were scheduled to testify when the case was settled out of court with a Confidentiality Order. Kidde is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation (UTC).See the Open Letters sent to UTC about their ionization smoke alarms.

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4). 8 Jan 2015

Red Cross Installing Free Smoke Alarms

By Ellis Eskew

Story Created: Jan 8, 2015 at 10:30 PM CDT



As we all try to stay warm in these frigid temperatures, it's a good idea to make sure you have a working smoke alarm.

The American Red Cross is making it easy for you.


It's a sad situation that can happen all too fast.

A fire broke out here at a home on Raintree Drive in Montgomery Thursday morning.

It's something the American Red Cross sees all too often.


 "The number one disaster that we have nationwide are fires. And they happen everyday. Every 8 minutes there is a fire happening somewhere," said Grover Henry with the Red Cross.


While the couple in the Raintree Drive home got out safely, it's causing neighbors in the area to think more about their homes.


"Very scary, because as a matter of fact I was on my way to work and my son-in-law called me because he saw the fire trucks on the streets. And by that time my god-son was falling wondering if it was my house or not," said neighbor Betty Hutton.


That's why the Red Cross hit the streets Thursday afternoon with a fire preparedness campaign.

Volunteers from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture came along as part of their day of service.


"It helps the community, it helps our partnership with the Red Cross. It also helps us with team building," said Vickie Lane with the USDA.


They went door-to-door in area neighborhoods and along Raintree Drive where Betty Hutton received a smoke alarm.

But she was a little surprised when they came to her house.


"I said 'what do I do??' They said 'nothing' and I was like 'wow, are you serious?!' And they were like 'yeah,'" said Hutton.


The smoke alarm was installed for free.


"One smoke alarm can always save lives. We may not be able to save the home, but it's about saving lives," said Henry.


If you do not have a smoke alarm, the Red Cross will come to your house and install it for free. Call 260-3984.


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5). 20 August 2015

WFSF Foundation Chairman returns to Alabama to meet with fire victims and citizens who have been provided with ionization smoke alarms.


"The world is a dangerous

  place to live; not because

  of the people who are evil,

  but because of the people

  who do nothing about it."

Albert Einstein

"Ignorance, allied with..
power, is the most.. ferocious enemy..
 justice can have."

James A Baldwin

"The only thing..

necessary for the.. triumph of evil is that..

good men do nothing."

Edmund Burke