This is the most important page on this website. It gives insight into why trusted organizations are desperately trying to cover up the truth about ionization smoke alarms.

NFPA's Fire Journal: False Advertising 1965 - 1975

From the mid 60's, ads in the NFPA's Fire Journal reveal how manufacturers were claiming ionization alarms would activate before any heat or smoke. After thousands had been injured or killed in homes fitted with these alarms  a U.S. government report (the 1974-1976 Dunes Tests) revealed they were unable to safely detect fire in the early smoldering stage, despite rooms being filled with thick smoke - before the fire burst into flames.


1980: IAFC Warned Lives at Risk" with Ionization Alarms

In 1980 an International Association of Fire Chief's report stated some smoke alarm advertisements were "deceptive and misleading" and that ionization alarms may be "so slow to activate in a smoldering fire that lives may be in danger".

The report stated:

1. Ionization smoke alarms were unsafe,

2. Fire Fighters should only recommend photoelectric alarms,

3. Combination ionization/photoelectric alarms were not recommended,
    "What is to be gained by adding an ionization element to a good photoelectric

     element? In the sub-committee's opinion, nothing."


Tragically the IAFC's message went unheeded.


Mid 2006:  Twenty Six Years Later

By mid 2006 most U.S. and Australian homes had been fitted with smoke alarms and almost all of them were ionization. However, in 2006 the truth about their inherent defects finally started to re-emerge, after thousands of people had died in homes 'protected' by them, manufacturers could not admit their ionization alarms were not safe.



Around mid 2006 manufacturers started promoting the idea that for "maximum protection" the public now needed two types of smoke alarms:

1. a photoelectric for the smoldering fire, and

2. an ionization for the flaming fire.


Two Types of Fires Require Two Types of Alarms (so they said)

This was a marketing coup for manufacturers as they never had to admit they failed/killed the public and fire fighters for decades with their defective ionization alarms. The 'two types' con allowed them to keep selling even more products despite being responsible for thousands of deaths and injuries. The 'two types' claim is at best deceitful, at worst fraudulent.



If you drop a cigarette onto a couch it will smolder until it eventually bursts into flame. Most fatal fires start with an extended smoldering stage. There are two stages of fire.


Two Stages of Fires Require One Type of Smoke Alarm

You have only ever needed one type of smoke alarm - a photoelectric.



Manufacturers said fire fighters should now start promoting the 'new' photoelectric smoke alarms and for best protection the public should have both types of alarms.


Both of the world's largest smoke alarm manufacturers have recently released new smoke alarm ranges. They only contain photoelectric sensors


The NFPA who had been promoting the false ads in the mid 60's agreed and the IAFC who had failed in their attempt to get the truth out in 1980 followed suit.

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

'Fire Journal' Advertisements

1965 - 1978

International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC)
'The International Fire Chief' Magazine

'Residential Smoke Alarm Report'

September 1980


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