The Open Letters - UTC & the CSIRO's Failures to Disclose

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) is the Australian Government's national science agency. United Technologies Corporation (UTC) own the Kidde, Chubb and Quell smoke alarm brands and are the world's largest manufacturer of fire safety products.

Thereport below documents the fact that empirical scientific evidence being withheld by the CSIRO and UTC proves that the ionization smoke alarms in hundreds of millions of homes around the world have life-threatening defects.

Chris Gulaptis MP's 'Smoke Alarms' Speech

In his Parliamentary 'Smoke Alarms' Speech warning about ionization smoke alarms, Mr Chris Gulaptis MP stated:

    "The winter 2013 edition of the Volunteer Fire Fighter's Association magazine contains an article titled, 'Can Australian and US Smoke Alarm Standards be Trusted?' A copy of this article and a copy of all correspondence between myself, UTC and the CSIRO is being sent to every member of this Parliament.
     Lives are at stake - we have a moral imperative to get this right."

Chris Gulaptis MP's Speech

'Are Ionization Smoke
Alarms Defective?'

NSW, Australia  |  20 June, 2013